Prayer Vigil To Fire NC Sheriff Who Hates Illegals

Save me from idiots

Hispanic advocates have been asking Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell to resign for weeks. On Sunday, they took their request to the steps of the county courthouse.

A multiracial throng numbering more than 100 gathered to pray for an end to racism and voice their outrage over comments that they say denigrated Hispanic immigrants.

In a Sept. 7 story in The News & Observer, Bizzell referred to Mexicans as “trashy” and said Hispanics were “breeding like rabbits.” He said a growing Hispanic population was committing crimes, sapping social services and threatening traditional culture. Many of his statements encompassed both legal and illegal immigrants.

Apparently, Free Speech is not allowed when discussing illegal immigrants. It is now “racism” to denigrate people who come to our country illegally, breaking the law, damaging our economy, making a mess of things, killing, raping, and robbing our citizens, not bothering to learn the language. And, Bizzell was primarily referring to illegals, not legals, though, he is not happy with the migrant workers who come here and act in the same despicable manners.

And a group of Johnston County pastors plans to discuss racial tension caused by the sheriff’s comments.

Wait. Didn’t I just write two stories today where the media is upset about right side mixing of religion and politics being bad, according to the MSM?

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