Is Barry Another Dukakis?

That’s what Christopher Hitchens wants to know

Why is Obama so vapid, hesitant, and gutless? (snip)

And yet, and unless I am about to miss some delayed “groundswell” or mood shift, none of this has translated into any measurable advantage for the Democrat. There are three possible reasons for such a huge failure on Barack Obama’s part. The first, and the most widely canvassed, is that he is too nice, too innocent, too honest, and too decent to get down in the arena and trade bloody thrusts with the right-wing enemy. (This is rapidly becoming the story line that will achieve mythic status, along with allegations of racial and religious rumor-mongering, if he actually loses in November.) The second is that crisis and difficulty, at home and abroad, sometimes make electors slightly more likely to trust the existing establishment, or some version of it, than any challenger or newcomer, however slight. The third is that Obama does not, and perhaps even cannot, represent “change” for the very simple reason that the Democrats are a status quo party.

Not that I disagree with anything Hitchens writes, but, there is a fourth reason: Barry never had to “Be The Man.” He has never had to fight for a political election or bill. He has never had to work a tough job. He tends to vote “present” on the tough legislation. He has never broken with Democrats at any level. Giving a speech on Iraq without having to actually vote on it doesn’t make him “The Man.” He has never had to be the leader.

McCain has had to make those decisions, both as a legislator and as a leader in the Navy. Sarah Palin has had to make those tough decisions.

But, Barry? He gives a pretty speech, but, when push comes to shove, will Barry stand firm, or wilt? When Iran announces they have nuclear weapons, who do you want on that wall? When there is an economic crisis, do you want a guy who gives a speech, looks severe, and tells you everything sucks? Or, a guy (or woman) who will tell you what is happening, give you reasurance, and tell you it will be fixed? Because, leadership requires confidence, not naysaying. Go back and read some of Lincoln’s and FDR’s speeches about their crisis’. Do you see any defeatism in there?

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