Watching Palin Is Like Being Up 2 With 2 Minutes Left To The Cup

I’m not going to live blog the speech, but, let me say, this feels like when Plaxico caught the game winning catch in the Superbowl. It’s like when Arnott scored the Stanley Cup Winner in 2000 for the Devils. When Kirk Gibson yanked one out of the park for the Dodgers. I mean, I feel that good. The best one is when Jeff Friesen scored in game seven to put the Devs up 2-0. Sarah Barracuda is that good.

She is hitting all the right points. Bring people high, feeding our feelings and our thoughts. She took some good shots at Obama, and her talk about people with special needs children having a friend in the White House was really a walk off grand slam.

Rudy was a good warm up act, too. Took massive shots all in the center ring.

“The fact that drilling won’t solve everything is not an excuse to do nothing at all.” Perfect throw to the back of the endzone.

BTW, though I won’t link any of them, the usual insane people on the left are going completely monkey shit right now.

“Here’s a man who penned two books, but not one major piece of legislation.” Ouch.

God, she is slaughtering him. And she gets better and better as she becomes even more comfortable. God help any liberal MSMer who interviews her. I hope he/she is not wearing a shiny watch, if you get my meaning.

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One Response to “Watching Palin Is Like Being Up 2 With 2 Minutes Left To The Cup”

  1. John Ryan says:

    apeshit you want to see some apeshit people wait until you see the next issue of the National Enquirer. Of course it is not really read by the Starbuck’s drinking, Volvo driving, Obama elitists, more like the red neck type readers and they are going to say that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband”s business partner ! but of course no one believed their story about John Edwards……And they are all set to make the Republicans look like the outtakes from a Springer show

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