Republicans Want To End Ethenol Requirements

I love it. First we have the drill here, drill now push. Republicans stood up to Queen Nancy and stayed on the House floor. Now we get more sanity

U.S. Republicans called on Monday for an end to a controversial requirement that gasoline contain a set amount of ethanol, a policy backed by the Bush administration that critics say has helped drive up world food prices.


In their 2008 platform detailing policy positions, Republicans said markets — not government — should determine how much ethanol is blended into gasoline, and pushed for development of a cellulosic version, which could be made from grasses rather than corn.


“The U.S. government should end mandates for ethanol and let the free market work,” the platform said. It was unanimously passed at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Corn based ethanol is a boondoggle. It only provides about 34 percent more energy then it takes to make it. It drives up the cost of virtually every other food product.

Corn prices have retreated from a late-June peak of $7.79 per bushel, but are still up some 50 percent from a year ago.

I wonder what the NY Times has to say on the subject

The current price of corn is $3.23 a bushel, more than half again what it was a year ago, and beginning to bring to mind the record $5.545 a bushel set in July 1996.

That article was published in 2006. And the cost of a bushel is now double what it was in 2006. That means, because corn is a staple for livestock, eggs, milk, cheese, and meat, among others, is higher. That leather jacket you want? It’ll be higher. Same with shoes. And, because more and more acreage is being used, that means there is less for other products, so, they will go up as well. Law of supply and demand.

I am not against bio-fuels. But, let’s look for one that is worthwhile and that works well. Since it is not as efficient as gasoline, it takes more corn based ethanol to get where you are going. And, with the price of food going up because of its use, that means that low income people around the world can starve, all because enviro-nuts hate gas.

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One Response to “Republicans Want To End Ethenol Requirements”

  1. John Ryan says:

    For 12 years the Republicans controlled Congress and pandered to the Red States that grew corn NOW ??? they say they are against it. But I do agree with you ethanol based on corn is a waste.

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