Barry On China’s Currency

He’s got some hope that he can make the Chinese change their current ways

“I will use all the diplomatic avenues available to seek a change in China’s currency practices,” he said.

Obama said China pegs its yuan currency at an “artificially low rate,” making its exports unfairly cheap.

He has backed legislation that would define currency manipulation as an illegal subsidy so that the United States could slap duties on more Chinese goods.

So, since Obama wants to take about the big issues, here is another question for him: you are, and have received, massive amounts of money from George Sorosand groups backed by Soros, as have many, many Democrats and Democrat groups. Soros tried to buy the election for John Kerry. And Soros really made his money through currency speculation, which usually involved speculation that a currency would go down. His opinion was so important that he if he talked about a country’s currency tanking, it would. And it did, on several occasions, such as with the British Pound, the Russian ruble, and the Thai baht.

Matter of fact, Barry, you have taken almost $350K from, a Soros funded organization. So, since you are against currency manipulation, will you give the money back, and divorce yourself from Soros and the groups he funds?

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5 Responses to “Barry On China’s Currency”

  1. Silke says:

    As I understand it currency speculation and currency manipulation are two very different things. Just as someone who bets on a sporting event does not affect the outcome of the game (unless they are a player or a referee), currency speculators do not affect the value of the currency they are betting on. In this analogy the Chinese would be the referees. They actually can affect the outcome of the game.

  2. Silke, all I can really tell you is to do a little research on Soros and the shady things he has done. It is way more then just currency specualtion.

  3. Silke says:

    Teach, I was specifically addressing your point in this post comparing currency speculation to currency manipulation. Though it’s more complicated than I described it’s certainly not the same thing as what the Chinese are doing. If you want to accuse Soros of other things that’s fine but you should at least defend your original point.

  4. I know what I wrote, but, you are attempting to missrepresent it in your need to defend Obama.

  5. Silke says:

    I’m sure you do know what you wrote. You just can’t seem to defend it. Currency manipulation and currency speculation are two very different things.

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