Now The Nutroots Loves Fox News?

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McCain Loses Fox News: Megyn Kelly Rips McCain Flack For Claiming Obama Would Raise Middle Class Taxes

On Fox News today, host Megyn Kelly called out McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds for the campaign’s lies about Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) tax proposals. “I want to hold you accountable for what McCain is doing,” said Kelly. “Has your candidate gone too far, has he stretched the truth with the voters?”

Bounds initially attempted to dismiss her question, claiming that McCain has simply “gone to great lengths to discuss Barack Obama’s record.” “It is true that during a struggling economy, he proposes raising taxes,” declared Bounds.

“Not on the middle class,” shot back Kelly, noting that “virtually every independent analyst” has said that the McCain campaign is lying:

All of a sudden Fox is a reputable news source for them?

An interesting counterpoint occurs to me: has Think Progress and the rest of the Nutroots ever heard MSNBC, CNN, cBS, ABC, NBC, and the rest of the liberal MSM, rip on Barack Obama? No? Holy fruitcakes, Batman!

Anyhow, fair and balanced. For real.

Michelle Malkin notices that Karl Rove is now the leftards new best friend.

Update: Just for reference, Obama does want to raise taxes. He wants to raise taxes on family income of $200,000 and up.  Impose Social Security taxes on all income, not just that under the current $102,000.  And, a big one, raise capital gains taxes upwards of 28%. As the NY Sun points out

Mr. Obama is proposing to raise taxes on capital gains and dividends by a staggering two-thirds, moving the rate up 10 percentage points to 25%, which could curtail investment and business on Wall Street, a backbone of the city’s and state’s economy.

How many middle class folks have investments on Wall Street, and can ill afford to pay more on those? The really reach can, but, not the middle class. That is a tax on the middle class, eh, Kelly? And what happens when you increase capital gains taxes? Well, in 1986, revenues decreased by 44%.

But, when capital gains taxes are lowered

  • In 1981, revenues rose by 49%
  • In 1997, revenues rose by 49%
  • In 2003, revenues rose by 88%

And this will do distinct harm to the retirement savings of people who invest, and the people it would harm the most is……yup, those in the middle class.

So, Barry wants to save individuals $500, or $1000 for families. Plan on losing more then that from your investments.

He will eliminate 10 million Americans from the tax rolls. Gee, who gets to pay for that lost revenue? Uh, the people who create the jobs? And there are plenty of other measures that make any rational person wonder where the money is going to come from.

And, somehow, the Messiah will make it so it only takes 5 minutes to fill out a tax form. I can picture it. It will have one box that say “how much did you make?” and another that says “send it all in.”

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