Sleaziest Waaaaah!-mbulance Moment From B.O.

The newest of the lamest lame-o ads from the Girl Scout Camp (which may not be fair to Girl Scouts, as their campaigns tend to be pretty successful, but, you get the idea)

Ann Althouse is kind enough to break the video down, but, all I can think of is the whiniest kid in grade school whining to the teacher, the principal, the principals secretary, the school nurse, the gardner, the janitor, the crossing guard, but, not the gym coach, cause he doesn’t want anything to do with this monsterous pu…….well, you know. My God, I have never seen anyone whine so f*cking much while running for national elected office. Just suck it up, sweetie, and grow a pair.

Obama wedgie

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One Response to “Sleaziest Waaaaah!-mbulance Moment From B.O.”

  1. larry schumacher says:

    I have been trying to find a Mr potato head so that I could get a small potato, put the biggest ears I can find on it, and then put little tubes going to the corners of the eyes so that I could make it cry just like he does because I think Mr Obamahead has a nice ring to it

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