Media Reduced. Maybe They Need A Tan Themselves

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 Sunlight is the only reliable source of Vitamin D and provides the Vitamin D requirement for most of the world’s population. (Boston University, 1989) According to Dr. Cedric Garland, just 15 minutes of exposure to natural sunlight per day on your hand and face is sufficient, in most cases, to obtain the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin D. (University of California, San Diego 1993). Exposure to sunlight increases the body’s ability to metabolize cholesterol, leading to a 13% decrease in blood cholesterol levels. (New England Medical Journal).

Studies indicate that exposure to uv light may have similar effects as exercise: a decrease in blood pressure,a lower resting heart rate and a 39% increase in the heart’s output of blood. (University of Florida, 1992)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), with symptoms such as sadness, insomnia and carbohydrate cravings, is common in northern areas where exposure to sunlight in winter months is significantly decreased (National Institute of Mental Health, 1985).

Perhaps the Credentialed Media should consider joining Governor Palin, rather then reaching for the silliest of attempted smears

Sarah Palin brought one unusual accessory to the Alaska Governor’s mansion after moving in last year: A tanning bed.

Al Giordano’s NarcoNews first reported that Palin had the apparatus installed in the mansion in Juneau, and a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Roger Wetherell, confirmed the account to Politico.

“She paid for it with her own money,” Wetherell said in an email.

Um. Ok. Sure. Whatever. This has political relevance how, exactly? A.J. Strata calls this one of the most ridiculous news flashes before writing

And all the while I am trying to wonder (a) what this has to do with national security, energy security, health care or taxes and (b) what unimaginageable devious devices the Obama’s have “installed” in their homes. We know they have plans to install a basketball court in place of the bolling alley in the White House – which is the second most ridiculous news I have seen flashed and discusses. So what!!!

And, of course, those on the left are having a hissy fit. Witness Matthew Yglesias

Nothing says “just folks” working class credibility like owning your own tanning bed.

TPM Muckraker

The news of Palin’s luxurious purchase — beds can cost as much as $35,000 — presents a sharp contrast to the blue-collar persona she projects on the campaign trail.

Perhaps that would hurt more if their candidate wasn’t a monsterously massive elitist. Not to mention a monsterously massive whiner, but, that is a different story.

And the ever classy Political Machine (at AOL) and Truthdig bring McCain’s previous skin cancer in to the picture.

Perhaps if libs spent some time in the Sun or a tanning bed, they would feel better and not always be so friggin’ nasty, rude, and depressed.

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2 Responses to “Media Reduced. Maybe They Need A Tan Themselves”

  1. John says:

    Did anybody bother to note that she lives in Alaska, and that during the winter months there is maybe 4 hr of sunlight per day. If she was the governer of Flordia this might be an issue, but Alaska?

  2. Of course not. That would have been too much work for the Credentialed Media hot on the trail of dirt.

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