Bob Hebert Wants No Radical Agenda’s

Bob Hebert has written a standard liberal missive about how McCain is bad, in this case, McCain’s health care plan, which attempts to put the choice of choosing an insurance plan in the hands of the workers, not the government or employer. Choice. Responsibility. Humorously, he actually writes in the column

There is nothing secret about Senator McCain’s far-reaching proposals, but they haven’t gotten much attention because the chatter in this campaign has mostly been about nonsense — lipstick, celebrities and “Drill, baby, drill!”

It’s apparently nonsense in the Manhattan cocktail party circuit to talk about going and getting our own energy. Then they get in their limo’s.

But, anyhow, Bob, Barry Obama’s main focal point in attacking McCain is multiple commercials saying that McCain=Bush. He has one which whines about McCain’s ties to lobbyists. No mention of the ties B.O.’s running mate has to lobbyists, including his own son (who supposedly got out of the business recently.) Barry attempted to smear McCain for not being an email and Internet user, Bob. Is that an important issue?

The Barry campaign, along with elected Democrats and democrat operatives, have tried to make hay about McCain’s age and having had cancer. Are those important, or nonsense, Bob? One of those groups has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Obama, Bob.

The Barry camp, along with a compliant and complicit media has looked for massive personal dirt on Sarah Palin, Bob. That would be exactly the type of nonsense you are referring to.

It’s kinda hard to have a substantive debate on the issues, Bob, when Barry refueses to engage in anything other then acting like a modern day Messiah. McCain offered multiple times to debate Barry many, many times. Barry ran away like a little girl who got mud on her fancy party dress.

Go talk to your man-crush, Bob, and ask him if he would like to really debate and deal with the big issues. Maybe he would like to discuss how things are going very well in Iraq, and how he was completely against the surge, instead, preferring to walk away like a bad dating experiment.

Or, perhaps, we could discuss how Barry wants to nationalize a sizable chunk of healthcare, making our system as piss poor as it is in Canada, England, France, and Germany, Bob. How’s that sound?

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