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noroM Alert: Even Robbers Need Obambi’s Therapy Website

No need to change up this headline: Man cries after attempt to rob liquor store fails Police say a 19-year-old who tried to rob a liquor store sat down and cried after 76-year-old owner locked him in the store. The man was accused of trying to rob Sykes Liquor Store in Trenton Monday night. Police […]

Did Biden Ban Yet Another TV Station From Interviews?

As reported at Breitbart from The Gossip With Marnie Hall H/T Hot Air, who also points out that the Koz Kidz Konglomerate is doing “research” on Barbara West. Change!!!! Hope!!! Joe deserves more then a Wedgie Award (especially since I can’t find the picture)  Man up, Joe (hover mouse over picture.

Sleaziest Waaaaah!-mbulance Moment From B.O.

The newest of the lamest lame-o ads from the Girl Scout Camp (which may not be fair to Girl Scouts, as their campaigns tend to be pretty successful, but, you get the idea) Ann Althouse is kind enough to break the video down, but, all I can think of is the whiniest kid in grade […]

Justice Dept. Sponsers Terror Suspects

What world do some of these folks live in? The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) — an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing federal terrorist funding case — a move that is raising concerns among the Justice’s rank and file. Justice lawyers have objected to the […]

Could Anyone Buy Mike Nifong Some Cheese?

Perhaps some really stinking Limburger When former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong mailed in his law license last week, he also included a note bemoaning "the fundamental unfairness" of the North Carolina State Bar’s handling of his ethics case. (snip) "Mr. Williamson’s e-mail assertion that the addition of a new conclusion of law based on […]

Some Whiny Americans In Lebanon

So, I was listening to Rush briefly on the way to lunch, and he was reading from a New Republic blog article about silly Americans vacationing in Lebanon. Lebanon? I guess it is about as safe as New Jersey in the summer, as long as one stays out of Beiruit, er, Camden. Of course, there […]

What’s With Tigers Lately?

Tiger spotted in Berlin: Residents of the Berlin community were surprised Thursday night when they spotted a tiger roaming the neighborhood. Zoo owner doubts tiger still on the loose: Ever since reports surfaced about a Bengal tiger running loose in Cullman County, the owner of the Animal House Zoological Park said, people have been flooding […]

noroM Of the Day

Just when you think there cannot be anyone dumber as of late then Kerry, Dean, or Murtha, along comes Ken Lay Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay launched an impassioned plea Tuesday for former employees of the bankrupt energy company to defy a "wave of terror" by federal prosecutors and help him battle criminal charges. "It […]

Wedgie Award

This weeks recipient is Whiskey Bar (via Pusillanimous Wanker), for his rambling discourse linking  FoxNews and Karl Rove with Nazism, which ends with a doctored Fox News icon. This meme by the Left is so sad as to be laughable. As we have all seen, the Left has an issue with any network or media […]

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