What’s With Tigers Lately?

Tiger spotted in Berlin:

Residents of the Berlin community were surprised Thursday night when they spotted a tiger roaming the neighborhood.

Zoo owner doubts tiger still on the loose:

Ever since reports surfaced about a Bengal tiger running loose in Cullman County, the owner of the Animal House Zoological Park said, people have been flooding her with phone calls.

” ‘Is it your tiger? How did it get out?’ ” Animal House owner Carolyn Atchison said people were asking Wednesday. “I say, ‘Sure. It got a driver license and went to Cullman.’ 

Drunk Driver Bitten By Tiger:

Authorities said a trucker who transported a tiger to a county fair in Florida was treated at a hospital after the animal bit his arm.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said 25-year-old Jason Hardin of Westville apparently stuck his arm into the tiger’s cage early Sunday morning.

Tiger Bites Man:

Tiger, a stray dog, bit the very hand that fed him. Raju Shetty, a resident of Goregaon, was bitten seven times by the vicious dog, only because he went to save his pet dog, Kantya, from Tiger’s attacks.

noroM Teenagers Try And Break Into Tiger Cage (nice kitty!):

TEENAGERS triggered a full-scale escape alert at Edinburgh Zoo after trying to break into the tiger enclosure.

The three youths attempted to break a lock on the enclosure housing the Amur tigers, the largest cats in the world, before being chased off by security guards. Once known as Siberian tigers, the big cats can reach more than 11ft in length and weigh up to 700lb.

How I survived an attack by killer penguins (couldn’t resist linking this one)

All in all, not bright people:

Tiger video removed. Worked fine at first, then made the template go wonkers. You can see it here.

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