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Carnival of the Clueless Is Up

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Theme Testing

Hello, nice people. I have made the Aaaarrrr! theme the default one. Have been noticing some weird stuff lately, major drop in recorded Site Meter traffic, issues with sending trackbacks to some sites, issues with the True Fresco referal stats, as well as some other stuff, possibly linked to the Journalized theme. You can easily […]

WTW Interlude: Democrats Are “Tough” On National Security

Let me stop laughing for just a few moments to write this. Democrats really do think the American People are stupid to believe this crap: Eyeing House and Senate elections this fall, Democrats are stepping up their effort to cut into the public perception that Republicans are stronger on national security. Congressional Democrats vow to […]

WTW: Global Warming Rules!

In case y’all didn’t know, pirates love global warming. You would think otherwise, because the supposed rise of sea levels decreases the usable land in the Caribbean, the Outer Banks, and other pirate haunts. Quite to the contrary, and despite the loss of much of our precious hangouts, global warming, climate change, whatever, creates other […]

WTW: Who Will Surrender In France?

Morning, Y’all, Jebediah here. I’m just wondering who will be the first to surrender in the fight between the government, who sponsered the law that would allow business’ to fire people who suck, or the youths who are in full riot mode? Not capitulate, not change position, not cave to demands, not “work together to […]

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