WTW: Global Warming Rules!

In case y’all didn’t know, pirates love global warming. You would think otherwise, because the supposed rise of sea levels decreases the usable land in the Caribbean, the Outer Banks, and other pirate haunts. Quite to the contrary, and despite the loss of much of our precious hangouts, global warming, climate change, whatever, creates other areas of opportunity. Such places as Greenland, Iceland, the cold areas down near the south pole, and the Sahara. Consider this: (h/t Pirates! Man Your Women)

Given the current warming trend, I would like to ask the following two questions: First, if the modern increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues, shall we arrive at a climate similar to the climate of 6,000 years ago, when the Sahara was wet? Second, if we could choose between the climate of today with a dry Sahara and the climate of 6,000 years ago with a wet Sahara, should we prefer the climate of today? Since I am a heretic, I am inclined to answer yes to the first question and no to the second.

I am failing to see the problem with Global Warming, climate change, whatever. It’s a win/win situation. Sailing the seas, visiting new places and pillinging the Socialists. Ports like Boston and NYC will be wide open. And, how about those bastions of Defeatocratism, like Seattle and Portland? Buccaneers will have much easier access. And, we can stop off and get some coffee.

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