Daily Archives: March 18, 2006

What Is It With The Left And Marching?

How often do you see those on the Right marching nowadays? Oh, sure, the Defeatocrats will try and bring up the KKK, but, remember which Party blocked the Civil Rights Act. Also, the KKK were never GOP voters. Back when the Klan was at their hight, everyone in the South voted Democrat, which goes back […]

Sticky Posts For WordPress

Having converted from Typepad to WordPress, I have found all sorts of cool little things, some of which I have implemented, some not. One of the newest ones is to have a Sticky Post, ie, a post that resides at the top of all posts till you decide to replace it or do away with […]

Giving Pirate’s A Bad Name

Realistically, beyond the fun and games, pirates are not good people. Sure, they look cool in the movies, and you can make some great graphics, and have fun going “arrrhhh” and “Avast!” Pirate’s even had a Code they went by back in the 1800’s and earlier. Some were even very smart, and started out as […]

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