Daily Archives: March 2, 2006

Patriot Act: 89-10

And all those Democrats who were so dead set against the Patriot Act? How’d they vote: Reid: Yea Boxer: Yea Kerry: Yea Clinton: Yea Schumer: Yea Kennedy: Yea Feinstein: Yea Guess they aren’t worried about it taking away our liberties. The libs depend on the Courts to do that. Maybe they actually read it this […]

Yawn. More Demoidiocy

From the Party of No Responsibility, more moonbattery about Katrina: The video, obtained by The Associated Press, “confirms what we have suspected all along,” said Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, charging that Bush administration officials have “systematically misled the American people.” Yup, because I distinctly remember President Bush saying that a Category 5 […]

Argue By Invective

I am currently re-reading “South Park Republicans” by Brian C. Anderson, and I ran across an interesting phrase. We have all heard the one about ad hominem attacks, and demagoguery. But this one is pretty good by itself. From Chapter 2″ “…A sympathetic old-media regime has allowed liberals to get away with this tendency to […]

Blogging Will Be Light

In meetings all day. Started screwing around with the WordPress default theme, noticed an issue with popup comments, looks like something to do w/Sitemeter interference. open trackbacks?

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