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Hola, Mexico!

  Idea shamelessly stolen from Ogre, who has Calvin. Can’t touch that. Unless you can draw. Which I can’t.  What’s your idea to defame the Mexican flag, since they defame ours?

Impeach Cynthia McKinney!

Via CNS News: Rep. Cynthia McKinney, a liberal Democrat from Georgia, says she “deeply regrets” her “unfortunate confrontation” with a Capitol Hill police officer on Wednesday.McKinney reportedly struck the officer in the chest when he stopped her for bypassing a metal detector, something that members of Congress are allowed to do.The officer apparently did not […]

North Carolina Lottery Starts Today

But, the problem as I see it (or at least one of them), is that the odds of winning are fixed: How long are those odds? Consider this: Six out of every seven tickets will not award a cash prize. Of the relatively few tickets that result in cash winnings, more than half will be […]

Stop The ACLU: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

Because Freedom of Expression is only for those that the ACLU approves of: Despite a federal appeals court ruling this month that lets Tennessee put “Choose Life” on license plates, it isn’t clear when — or even if — the tags will ever hit the road. The American Civil Liberties Union is likely to appeal […]

Open Linkfest Thursday

Good news from Iraq: A US reporter held hostage in Iraq for more than two months has been freed. Jill Carroll, who works for the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor, was abducted by unknown gunmen in west Baghdad on 7 January.   Fantastic! I’m sure Bush had nothing to do with her being released. But, he was […]

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