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Oh, Never Mind. Lumberjack Instead

I was going to write something pithy about the wonkerness with this article, in which they kind of failed to mention that it is a Democratic run Legislature and Governor that is causing the issue in North Carolina  States have steadily limited the public’s access to government information since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, […]

Ken Mehlman Address at Southern Republican Leadership Conference

A few excerpts (via GOP.com) Do Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean really think that when the NSA is listening in on foreign terrorists planning attacks on America, they need to hang up when those terrorists dial their sleeper cells here in the United States? Was Harry Reid really that proud when he announced last year, […]

Global Warming Update: Viva La Vin!

You would think all those fu fu wine (or should that be whine?) drinking elitist liberals would be in favor of global warming: Forget France. In the future, wine buffs may be praising the merits of a fine Canadian pinot noir, the subtleties of English chardonnay, or even the complexity of a world-class Pennsylvania cabernet […]

Beyond Seething. Yikes!

Ran across this DUmmy on a thread about Alan Colmes (who isn’t “liberal/progressive/insane enough for the DUmmies): Hubert Flottz  I don’t ever watch it either!  I saw him as I surfed past FOX a time or two, before I removed them from my cable box thingy. I xed out shit like FOX, CNN and The […]

French Police Use Tear Gas: Libazoids Unimpressed

Can you imagine the outcry if this happened in the United States? French riot police used teargas on Saturday to break up a protest at Paris’s Sorbonne university, which students had occupied to press the government to abandon its youth jobs plan, police and witnesses said. Students had occupied the prestigious university, which was at […]

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