French Police Use Tear Gas: Libazoids Unimpressed

Can you imagine the outcry if this happened in the United States?

French riot police used teargas on Saturday to break up a protest at Paris’s Sorbonne university, which students had occupied to press the government to abandon its youth jobs plan, police and witnesses said.

Students had occupied the prestigious university, which was at the center of France’s 1968 student riots, since Wednesday to protest against the jobs plans, which has sent conservative Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin’s popularity tumbling.

Police stormed the Sorbonne just before 4 a.m. (0300 GMT), forcing out around 200 students staging the protest and arresting 11 people, a police spokesman said.

I failed to find anything in this al-Reuters article, or any other one, which described the conditions, such as violence, that would cause the police to storm the Sorbonne. Such Democratic wonders, the French. And, none of the normal Lefty offenders care or condemn. But, it is France, which can do no wrong in the eyes of the Leftazoids.

Meanwhile, despite completely missing the point, 100,000 immigrants marched in Chicago, without the need to call in the police with tear gas.

Reading the article, you get the sense that neither the reporter, nor the Congress Critters, nor those marching, understand the point of the Bill in the Senate. Immigrants have Rights. If they come here legally, and aren’t breaking other laws.

Meanwhile, why in the heck didn’t they arrest the ones who were illegal? Oh, that’s right, don’t want the Liberals getting their granny panties in a bunch.

Michelle Malkin has some photo’s.

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