Daily Archives: March 8, 2006

MSNBC Lobbying Poll

When the Leftazoids bring up this MSNBC poll on lobbying, remember that they “DU’d” it. The question: “Should Congress have adopted Sen. Reid’s proposal to ban all gifts to lawmakers, including meals, and almost all privately funded travel?” The two answers: Yes, the tighter the ban the better.   No, the Republican alternative of greater disclosure of […]

Little Miss 16% Loves Illegals

To paraphrase the Gipper, “there she goes again.” Hillary opens mouth, inserts foot (via Confederate Yankee from the Boston Globe) Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a potential White House candidate in 2008, said Wednesday some Republicans are trying to create a “police state” to round up illegal immigrants. Speaking at a rally of Irish immigrants, Clinton criticized […]

Iran Blusters

Via Yahoo News: Iran threatened the United States with “harm and pain” Wednesday for its role in hauling Tehran before the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear program. Hey, asshats! Just remember:   We have lots more where that came from, and they all have the range to hit your sorry asses. You don’t. We […]

WTW: Christian’s Not Rioting

Happy late morning. Why aren’t you Christian’s out there rioting, burning McDonald’s, and Canadian embassies with all the other Christian fascists and extremists? A newspaper cartoon targeting religion has once again sprung into the spotlight — this time in a two-frame jab at Christianity in the University of Saskatchewan student newspaper, the Sheaf. The newspaper […]

WTW: Save Air Deadbeat!

Have $500,000? Well, you can help save an Air Deadbeat affiliate in Phoenix. On March 1, 2006 our Air America Phoenix station was bought by a Christian Broadcasting company who immediately took us off the air. This was a “dark” day for progressive talk radio in America. You have flooded us with emails pleading to […]

WTW: It’s Abortion, Not Choice

Morning, y’all, Jebediah here. I reckon y’all know how interesting it is to watch the little seething Surrender Monkeys have hissy fits, especially at places like the Demoratic Underground. Right now, they are having their little hissy fit over the South Dakota abortion law. You, know, that law that makes it illegal to chose to […]

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