MSNBC Lobbying Poll

When the Leftazoids bring up this MSNBC poll on lobbying, remember that they “DU’d” it.

The question: “Should Congress have adopted Sen. Reid’s proposal to ban all gifts to lawmakers, including meals, and almost all privately funded travel?”

The two answers:

  1. Yes, the tighter the ban the better.  
  2. No, the Republican alternative of greater disclosure of lobbyist activity would work better.

Hey, they would have gotten more answers for #1 anyhow, the percentage is running heavily for #1.

And, BTW, it is pretty sad that an international TV stations website can only get that few responses. WRAL here in Raleigh will often get over 10K responses.

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2 Responses to “MSNBC Lobbying Poll”

  1. joated says:

    MSNBC is international? With those viewrship numbers? There are towns in Wyoming that have more people.

  2. I think their website gets more hits then the TV has viewers.

    I actually like their site, a good info source, if you can get away from the leftist propaganda.

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