Daily Archives: March 5, 2006

Sports, Gary Glitter, and Child Molestation

Found over at This Blog Is Full Of Crap (forgive the excerpt, why re-write what was already written well?): KTRH’s Chris Baker brought something up the other day about convicted child molester Gary Glitter… the “Rock And Roll Forever” song played at sports events earns him royalties. Has anyone built a Boycott Gary Glitter page […]

India, Iran, And Nukes

Just wondering, why was it OK when North Korea was given a nuclear reactor capable of producing weapons grade material, but it is not OK to help India with their non weapons nuclear program, while pushing them to give up their existing nuclear weapons program? Oh, that’s right, Bush is President. Same reason the Left […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

  Because this was the week of the idiot teacher with BDS, here’s what a real teacher looks like (well, at least in every guy’s mind 🙂 ) Don’t forget about Open Trackback Alliance Sunday. Those up so far are Don Surber, Right Wing Nation, The Uncooperative Blogger, The Bullwinkle Blog

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