Sports, Gary Glitter, and Child Molestation

Found over at This Blog Is Full Of Crap (forgive the excerpt, why re-write what was already written well?):

KTRH’s Chris Baker brought something up the other day about convicted child molester Gary Glitter… the “Rock And Roll Forever” song played at sports events earns him royalties.

Has anyone built a Boycott Gary Glitter page yet? Is there a list of contact information for every sports team to protest the continued use of his music when superior and sexcrime-free alternatives are available?

Hell of a good point. Lawrence links to his sports team, here are the contacts for mine:

You can also try going to sites such as,,,, and

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2 Responses to “Sports, Gary Glitter, and Child Molestation”

  1. the Pirate says:

    The Dodgers haven’t played that song in a while, now they play some techno-crap for home runs and they have flashing strobe lights. Atleast McBankrupt sprung for new seats.

  2. William Teach says:

    Cool, thanks for the 411. I only get to see them when on TV.

    Of course, the seats are offset by getting really old, long in the tooth players. Not going to be a good season.

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