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Save Air Deadbeat Phoenix

Afte the previous post, I thought about heading over to the DUmmie FUnnies. Now, I posted before about Air Deadbeat Phoenix and their troubles. Unfortunately, I missed this DUmmy thread which pretty much shows that the loons, well, don’t like the content on AD either. For the best view of the thread, head on over to […]

Best Silly DUmmy Quote

While the DUmmies are razing hell (or zombies) over Mark Dayton (D-Oh) calling Feingold’s (Defeatocrat-MoRn) Censure stunt idiot (I paraphrased), I caught this little bit of truly fun Surrender Monkeying: Uncle Joe  42. I agree, I even think this point needs more emphasis,  You are the American People’s representatives, you are not on the television show “Survivor”. […]

Petition To Censure Russ “Owned” Feingold

Scrapiron tipped me in a previous post about an online petition to censure Feingold, which will be sent to the Senate leadership. I’m assuming that does not include Durbin and Reid, but rather those in the sane Party. I apologize if others have already posted this. I have been in meetings all Tuesday and Wednesday, […]

ACLU Goes Snark Hunting

It looks like the ACLU is taking its cues from the Democratic Party, going down the same roads of moonbattery: Civil libertarians believe Middletown and eight other New Jersey towns may have given the federal government secret lists naming individuals deemed to be risks for committing acts of terrorism. To the American Civil Liberties Union, […]

Stop The ACLU Blogburst

Today’s subject is “Is A Moment Of Silence Prayer?” The ACLU has consistently opposed having prayer in public schools. But what truly constitutes prayer? How about a moment of silence where a student can say a Hail Mary or a small prayer, internally reflect, meditate, sleep, do homework, or just plain decompress and prepare for […]

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