Petition To Censure Russ “Owned” Feingold

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Scrapiron tipped me in a previous post about an online petition to censure Feingold, which will be sent to the Senate leadership. I’m assuming that does not include Durbin and Reid, but rather those in the sane Party.

I apologize if others have already posted this. I have been in meetings all Tuesday and Wednesday, didn’t have time to check the ‘sphere.

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2 Responses to “Petition To Censure Russ “Owned” Feingold”

  1. scrapiron says:

    The site running the petition is:
    Haven’t had an update yet but they usually get several thousand signatures with 24 hours and they hand deliver the petitions to congress members with a ‘brain’ which would leave out most dim-wits. A call or email to your senator (my two and Frist already know my feelings) might help get the ball rolling. The Republicans have control of the senate and the votes to make the censure real, but lately some seem to be short a ball or two.

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