Daily Archives: March 14, 2006

Bilateral Sanction On Iran

Not unilateral? You mean we aren’t going it alone? Oh, wait, we are. Just another failed Bush policy, right? President George W. Bush issued an executive order on Monday that continued U.S. oil and other economic sanctions against Iran in effect since 1995, saying Tehran’s policies posed a threat. Bush, in a notice to Congress […]

Beer From The Faucet? If Only!

Via Norway: OSLO, Norway – It almost seemed like a miracle to Haldis Gundersen when she turned on her kitchen faucet this weekend and found the water had turned into beer. Two flights down, employees and customers at the Big Tower Bar were horrified when water poured out of the beer taps. By an improbable […]

Marijuana Tied To Memory Problems

Via Yahoo News NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – People who regularly smoke marijuana may find their memories growing hazy over time, a study published Monday suggests. In a study of long-term and shorter-term marijuana users, researchers in Greece found that both groups performed more poorly on tests of memory, attention and other cognitive abilities than […]

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