Bilateral Sanction On Iran

Not unilateral? You mean we aren’t going it alone? Oh, wait, we are. Just another failed Bush policy, right?

President George W. Bush issued an executive order on Monday that continued U.S. oil and other economic sanctions against Iran in effect since 1995, saying Tehran’s policies posed a threat.

Bush, in a notice to Congress about his executive order, said “the crisis” between the United States and Iran that led to the initial declaration on March 15, 1995, “has not been resolved.”

So, what will be the take of the Defeatocrats? We are supposed to go it alone with North Korea. We “went it alone” with Iraq, despite the original 30+ countries involved. We let the EU take the lead in the negotiations with Iran, and that was a “Bush failure,” somehow. So, is this a good thing or bad thing? I get very confused by the Leftist rhetoric at times. Which probably accounts for the Dems having no plans, no agenda, no ideas, other then “Blame Bush!”

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2 Responses to “Bilateral Sanction On Iran”

  1. Railroad Stone says:

    I’m sure you get confused by a lot of things, William.

  2. Yes, that happens, since I am human, and think for myself, unlike Defeatocrats with their indoctrination and talking points.

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