Global Warming Update: Viva La Vin!

You would think all those fu fu wine (or should that be whine?) drinking elitist liberals would be in favor of global warming:

Forget France.

In the future, wine buffs may be praising the merits of a fine Canadian pinot noir, the subtleties of English chardonnay, or even the complexity of a world-class Pennsylvania cabernet sauvignon.

The cause: climate change.

Some scientists believe that rising temperatures and longer growing seasons are already affecting wine, making vintages sweeter and stronger, and changing where grapes can be grown around the world.

You mean like during the Global Climate Optimum? Back before the use of oil? When so many people lived in harmony with nature, and the rain forests weren’t being defoliated? Was probably a nefarious Bush scheme, despite not having been born.

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2 Responses to “Global Warming Update: Viva La Vin!”

  1. Martin Hague says:

    I’m a fu fu wine drinker who’s delighted that Canada can now make wine due to global climate change.

    Except that they’ve been making wine in Canada since that country was discovered.

    I’m strongly skeptical about global warming; the science does not appear to be empirical, and everybody in the global climate change industry seems to have a vested interest in a predetermined outcome.

  2. Exactly. The science is very suspect on it.

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