North Carolina Lottery Starts Today

But, the problem as I see it (or at least one of them), is that the odds of winning are fixed:

How long are those odds? Consider this: Six out of every seven tickets will not award a cash prize. Of the relatively few tickets that result in cash winnings, more than half will be for $7 or less. Even so, if North Carolina is like other states, several dozen of the biggest winners in the four inaugural games will generate headlines in coming weeks. But they will be lucky indeed, given that out of 104 million tickets:

* Ten will pay $100,000.

* Twelve are for $21,000.

* Fourteen are for $10,000.

* Thirty-five are for $5,000.

The number of winners with scratch off games is fixed, unlike with regular “pull the numbers” games.

Lottery officials caution that people shouldn’t play to get rich. Instead, they say, the games are entertainment, a way to spend extra money and generate pleasant dreams of hitting it big. Besides, they say, profits go to education.

“Oh, the odds are not, not good at all, but it’s just a little fun thing that you can do,” said Gladys Williams, 67, of Garner. She plans to play soon, probably spending $5 or so.

Ah, the old “just for fun, it’s not really gambling arguement. But does the money really go to education? Check these 2 previous posts, here and here. That is where the so called “education money” will go to. And you can see what other States have done with their so called “education money” here. (sorry for slapping up the links, but why rewrite them?)


The first day of North Carolina’s new lottery was kicked off early today when state Board of Education Chairman Howard Lee purchased five $1 dollar scratch-off tickets. (snip)

“The lottery is about a brighter future for North Carolina children, for North Carolina young people and for education in North Carolina,” Lee said.

Umm, Howard? Have you read how the money will be disbursed? I would guess either you haven’t, or you are obfuscating.

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