Argue By Invective

I am currently re-reading “South Park Republicans” by Brian C. Anderson, and I ran across an interesting phrase. We have all heard the one about ad hominem attacks, and demagoguery. But this one is pretty good by itself. From Chapter 2″

“…A sympathetic old-media regime has allowed liberals to get away with this tendency to argue by invective, rather then to debate ideas seriously, and it has sheltered them from just how shopworn their ideas have become….”

In other words, to argue by insult and/or with abusive language. How many times have we tried to argue with a Liberal and had our ideas, our fellow Conservatives,  and ourselves treated in this manner, while any adult, factual, rebutal is forgotten?

Sure, we on the left will make attacks on our Democratic friends. I am not above calling them moonbats, Demorats, Surrender Monkeys, etc. But, along with those insults, I will include more then simply a slur. Facts, thought, and ideas are included. This does not happen from our Liberal friends that often.

So I will add this phrase to my lexicon. How about you?

Have any others?

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2 Responses to “Argue By Invective”

  1. Stacy says:

    I just like the ‘leftard’ one.

  2. I tend to use that one alot on a political forum. The moderators seem to ignore it 😉

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