What Is It With The Left And Marching?

How often do you see those on the Right marching nowadays? Oh, sure, the Defeatocrats will try and bring up the KKK, but, remember which Party blocked the Civil Rights Act. Also, the KKK were never GOP voters. Back when the Klan was at their hight, everyone in the South voted Democrat, which goes back to Abe Lincoln being a Republican.

Meanwhile, French Students’ Protest Turns Fiery

Students clashed with police and activists rampaged through a McDonald’s restaurant and torched the entrance to a Gap store in the capital Saturday as demonstrations against a government plan to loosen job protections spread in a widening arc across France.

The protests against the law, which drew some 500,000 people in cities across the country, were the biggest show yet of escalating anger that is testing the strength of the conservative government before elections next year.

Notice how the article tries to paint the Conservative gov’t as the villains, here? What you really have is an attempt to do away with many of the Socialist protections that have kept the French economy stagnent. Really, other then wine, cheese, and Peugot, can anyone name anything of value coming out of France into the world market? And can anyone name the last time a Conservative gathering turned violent?

It was the Left who caused all the problems at multiple WTO meetings. It was the Left who was being arrested for violence at the GOP and Democratic Conventions in 2004. It was the Left who destroyed property in Raleigh after Bush won reelection. And so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, Defeatocrats gather in marginal numbers around the world to mark the 3rd Anniversery of the start of the Iraq War

Thousands of anti-war protesters took to the streets around the world Saturday, marking the third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq with demands that coalition troops leave immediately.

Wael Musfar of the Arab Muslim American Federation addressed more than 1,000 people who gathered in Times Square near a recruiting station, which was guarded by police.

First of all, thousands? That’s it? They could only get 1,000 in Times Square, and get a load of who the Defeatocrats were listening to. A Muslim. Perhaps the protesters should have taken a look south.

Protester Susan McLucas wore a homemade sign that read: “Bush Lied! 100,000 died!”

“It’s a war based on lies,” said McLucas, 57. “We are gaining strength. The war is becoming more and more unpopular.”

So is that 100K number which, low and behold, hasn’t changed since Lancet released that statistical study. Strange, huh?

Several thousand protesters in San Francisco danced in the streets, beat drums and carried signs that read “Stop U.S. Imperialism.”

Silly liberals. Can’t we just cede parts of California to Canada?

Meanwhile, Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush tells us more about the Fizzling of the Marches. I must agree, I think there are going to be some very surprised lefty pundits come November.

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