Dems Tough On National Security?

First McKinney backslid on her respect for police officers, part of the so called National Security plan for the Democrats, now the pull this shenanigan: (from the LA Times, hat tip to Captain Ed)

At the same time, Republicans on the House panel defeated a Democratic push to suspend hundreds of millions of dollars in spy agency funding until the Bush administration provided more information about a controversial domestic espionage program being conducted by the National Security Agency.

In other action, Republicans on the committee defeated a Democratic amendment that sought to force the Bush administration to reveal the budget for the controversial NSA espionage program.

The Democratic measure would have withheld 20% of the NSA’s budget unless the White House agreed to disclose how much was being spent on the domestic eavesdropping program.

Democrats have complained that the White House is refusing to provide information on the program to all members of the intelligence committee. Hoekstra noted that 11 of the 21 members of the House panel were getting briefed on the NSA operation, but he said the committee was still engaged in a “tug of war” with the administration for greater access.

Didn’t take long for the Defeatocrats to forget their plan, did it? Let’s see, part of the plan was: Double the size of our Special Forces, increase our human intelligence capabilities, and ensure our intelligence is free from political pressure. Yet here we have the Dems trying to apply political pressure to stop a program that is, except in the fevered minds of Liberals, legal. As I wrote the other day: Anyhow, Dems have always been the first to call for cuts in the military and intelligence budgets. The Dems want to play games with our national security.

Captain Ed wrote:

This encapsulates the Democratic strategy on the overall war on terror quite splendidly: ignore our national defense in order to play partisan politics. Only a moron would seriously propose cutting funds to a key component of our defense strategy during a time of war. This once again proves that the Democrats care less about keeping us safe than in winning elections, and appear willing to strip us of our defenses in order to score cheap political points.

The Defeatocrats have been doing everything in their power to block everything the Bush admin does in the War On Terror, typically after they have voted “yea” for it. Afghanistan, Iraq, the Patriot Act (2x), being briefed constantly on the terrorist surveillence program, etc.

From the other day: Let’s see if they even attempt to pass any Bill in Congress that implements any of their “ideas.” Well, they tried ones that encapsulate their real ideas, not their BS National Security plan.

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