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WordPress Upgrade to 2.0.2

If you happen to see anything wonky (other then my writing), please let me know. I have already caught an issue with the pop-up comments box and WordPress Default theme, which I have fixed. Took 20 minutes to remember where in the heck I did the change for the popup comments box size.

WTW: Rummy’s All Good

Good to see that W is a stand up guy, unlike others: WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush sharply defended Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday, saying the embattled Pentagon chief is doing a “fine job” despite calls for his resignation from six retired military generals. Maybe some of the GOP Congress Critters should try taking a stand, […]

Kooky McKinney Report

Hey, y’all, Jebediah here. Teach may be off of politics today with them Devils taking the Atlantic (damnyankees), but I am on the case. The Atlanta Constitution Journal has some info from the official police report involving Kooky McKinney (h/t Bluto at The Jawa Report): The official police report on Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s clash with […]

Devils Win Atlantic Division

To heck with politics, this is way more important. After a poor start, the New Jersey Devils were the hottest team in the NHL during 2006, and are the hottest going in to the Playoffs, having won 11 in a row, and, by way of wins, take the Atlantic Division. Facing them in the 1st […]

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