Daily Archives: April 27, 2006

Another Rangers Beatdown

Ho hum. Another near perfect game from the Devils. 3-0, Marty gets the shutout, Rangers are innefective. Same ol’ same ol’ 😉 Let’s start with ESPN: The Ranger fans came to Madison Square Garden to party on Wednesday. They were coming for their team’s first home playoff game since 1997. And, they came with a […]

Dumbshat Ideas Of The Week

For this, we elect, pay, and give power to Congress Critters? Senate Republicans advocate sending $100 rebate checks to millions of taxpayers, and a Democrat is leading the campaign for a 60-day gasoline tax holiday. Either way, it seems no one in Congress wants to be without a plan, however symbolic, to attack the election-year […]

Flight 93 Memorial Followup

Yesterday, I discussed NC Rep Charles Taylor blocking money for the Flight 93 Memorial. Lemuel Calhoon of Hillbilly White Trash brings up an interesting point. The proposed memorial will honor the memory of the hijackers as well as the victims. The thing will be shaped like a giant Islamic crescent. Deal with those problems and […]

Thursday Linkfest: Crazy Rightwing Nutjobs

Hah! Some wackadoodle in Philly (die, Flyers, die!) tried to diss Hot Air, Michelle Malkin’s new video site, which features some great writers of the Right-O-Sphere. Crazy rightwing nutjob Michelle Malkin has started a video site for conservatives called Hot Air. I really can’t imagine a more fitting name for the site. Once again, the […]

Stop The ACLU Blogburst 4/27/06

A few days ago, I mentioned the ACLU taking on the Chatham County (NC) Commissioners over the use of Jesus’ name at government meetings, in which the ACLU was basically told to go to Hell. Of course, the ACLU probably doesn’t believe in Hell, and, would probably sue if someone in government actually said that […]

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