Thursday Linkfest: Crazy Rightwing Nutjobs

Hah! Some wackadoodle in Philly (die, Flyers, die!) tried to diss Hot Air, Michelle Malkin’s new video site, which features some great writers of the Right-O-Sphere.

Crazy rightwing nutjob Michelle Malkin has started a video site for conservatives called Hot Air. I really can’t imagine a more fitting name for the site.

Once again, the Hard Left proves they have absolutely no sense of humor, and have to seethe on everything. Will they try to do the same? Of course, it would end up the same as Air Deadbeat. So depressing and out of control seething that most regular liberals will not want to visit it.

Here’s my little 74 cents (inflation, ya know): if you can, change the blog description or the taskbar header to say “crazy rightwing nutjob” in some shape or form. Can you imagine the seething from the Left-O-Sphere if a bunch of us did that? Yikes!

FYI: did you know that the NJ Devils play at Exit 16-W? Heh.

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