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American Flag Business

Another fine member to add to the American Flag League. Give a big hand to Church And State Welcome aboard, Matey!   Crossed at the American Flag League.

Liberal World Meets Iran

While I was in the Fever Swamp (as Captain Ed calls it) looking at what the DUmmies were saying about Mary McCarthy, I ran across this one on Iran, which runs the whole gammut of Defeatocratic gabfest. We have WAB! (what about Bush), some conspiracy and paranoia, Israeli hatred and those Evil Jews!, denial, Iranian apologists, […]

McKinney Lawyer Quits

Via the neoCon News Network (or so the DUmmies say :)) Meanwhile, James Myart, a prominent Texas civil rights attorney whom McKinney retained after her altercation with the police officer, issued a statement Monday saying he no longer represented her. He did not explain why she was no longer his client. “I am bound by […]

Duke Lacrosse Players Now Face Other Charges

From the Raleigh N&O: District Attorney Mike Nifong plans to reinstate misdemeanor charges against a half-dozen Duke lacrosse players, saying a March 13 party where a woman reported a rape broke the deals that the players made with prosecutors. Nifong’s decision could affect players who, before the party, had entered agreements in which prosecutors would […]

CIA Leaker Story: What Happened?

Like many, I have pretty much missed the whole CIA leaker story. The Duke Lacrosse story, as well as Real Life and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, has limited my exposure. However, Hot Air has a primer on the whole  thing (hat tip to Beth) This is one of those stories where, if you miss the […]

Devils Up 2-0 On Madden Hat Trick

OK, still a long series, but the Rangers are not looking good in the face of the Devils, who have now won 13 straight. EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — John Madden has always been at his best when the New Jersey Devils are shorthanded. The New York Rangers only wish they could say the same. […]

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