Daily Archives: April 10, 2006

France Surrenders. Nothing To See, Move Along

Gateway Pundit has all the details. The poll said that it is all Bush’s fault, though. Anyhoo, the surprising thing is that it took this long for the French Gov’t to surrender. More on the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys (as opposed to the Bush Seething Surrender Monkeys in the USA) here. Has anyone checked to […]

Duke Lacrosse: No DNA Matches

Perhaps the players didn’t do it, and are owed a huge apology: Wade Smith, an attorney for members of the Duke University lacrosse team, announced late Monday afternoon that no DNA samples taken from the 46 athletes matched any DNA on the alleged victim and that he hopes Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong will consider […]

Playing The Devil On Illegal Immigration

Just for the sake of argument, lets say we (meaning the GOP) have some kind of amnesty program, perhaps where all illegals must register within six months, then have to go through all the rigamarole that the Senate Bill lays out. What do we end up with? We end up with people who we can collect taxes, […]

Monday Tuesday Linkfest! America Shutdown?

Do you have an interesting post? Or just a post? ;) Want it spread around? Well, go ahead and link it up! Otherwise, Cynthia McKinney may pop you one, or worse! Meanwhile, with all the marching by undocumented friggin’ illegal aliens that is supposed to go on today, will the American economy collapse? Everyone keeps telling […]

Just a test

I wonder what will happen?

Kyoto Protocol is Worthless

Or so say 60 scientists (via memeorandum, which you should check out alot) Canada’s new Conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper, has been urged by more than 60 leading international climate change experts to review the global warming policies he inherited from his centre-Left predecessor. Oh, so not every scientist believes that Man is causing Global […]

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