Daily Archives: April 22, 2006

Football Time

Big pickup for the G-men. Gotta love getting Arrington, especially for the 2 games have to play against the Deadskins. Boooya!

This Is Strange

At the Washington Liberal Post. Seems as if W is giving up the First Daughters. (h/t Macstansbury.org.)

Devils win 6-1

I’d talk about the Devs opening a can of woop ass on the Rags, but, like any good hockey fan, I’m rather superstitious. By the Finals, I will be watching games wearing a Devs jersey, have all my Devs shirts, watches, and hats around the living room, and be wearing the hockey gloves. Yikes!

ACLU: No Faith In Chatham County

As usual, the Azzhole Communist Litigation Union is stepping in and attempting to deny people their Right to practice their faith (via the N&O) PITTSBORO – The chairman of the Chatham County commissioners would not say Friday whether he would comply with the ACLU’s request to stop invoking Jesus Christ’s name in prayers at government […]

Earth Day! Save It, Wash A Hippy!

Yes, folks, today is Earth Day! Time to save the planet, one day a year. And you can start by washing a smelly, dirty Democrat hippy.  < Use hose and soap here. Despite the sarcasm, what Earth Day puts forth is good. Lower pollution, clean environment, conserve our resources, etc. But, it doesn't help when […]

More Duke Lacrosse: Police Go Woops!

At what point does DA Mike Nifong, or a responsible judge, say, “umm, folks? This case is hosed.” (via WRAL) A photo identification report released Friday could blow a hole in the prosecution’s case in the Duke lacrosse rape investigation. Defense attorneys question whether the police were biased in their presentation. According to the identification […]

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