Earth Day! Save It, Wash A Hippy!

Yes, folks, today is Earth Day! Time to save the planet, one day a year. And you can start by washing a smelly, dirty Democrat hippy.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket < Use hose and soap here. Despite the sarcasm, what Earth Day puts forth is good. Lower pollution, clean environment, conserve our resources, etc. But, it doesn't help when it is one day a year, and you end up having so many wackadoodles out their chanting and banging on drums. Yes, some folks do good. A perusal through the news shows planting trees, stocking waterways with fish, cleaning up parks, and so on. But so many more are about marching, demonstrating, and/or simply pontificating, which accomplishes less then nothing. Even about reducing your carbs (snicker.)

Without picking on the Baxter News, they highlight the problem without meaning too:

Today is Earth Day, an occasion to “think green,” or at least consider ways to help keep the environment clean.

Why think about it only one day a year? You should do this to some point every day. And act on it. When you are driving along, and you think “hey, maybe I shouldn’t throw this empty out the car window” you need to act on it and throw it in a recycle bin. Not too hard, is it?

Others are using it to bash Bush

Unable to drive down high oil prices, President Bush is spending Earth Day promoting futuristic hydrogen fuel technology as a way to wean Americans from gas-guzzling vehicles.

After a bike ride near his Napa Valley resort Saturday morning, Bush planned to visit the California Fuel Cell Partnership in West Sacramento for a tour and speech on his energy plan.

The plan does not include any measures that would reduce gasoline prices in the short term, the White House acknowledges. But with Republicans worried that the increasing cost to drive could cost them in the voting booth this year, Bush said he understands Americans are hurting.

But the same Greenies (read Democrats) who complain about the high price of gasoline do not allow drilling in ANWAR, The Gulf of Mexico, or the Lower 48. They do not allow the building of new refineries, oil pipelines, nor nuclear power plants. They have fits over wind power if it messes up where they go sailing. And they propose squat to alleviate the situation. They are actually gleeful over the high prices.

Some are wise, and are not planning on using their pulpits to bloviate about “climate change.”

I’m just waiting to see how many are arrested for demonstrating a bit to forcefully. Yet they will have done nothing more then harm the environmentalist movement, such as Greenpeace constantly does with their extremist acts.

What kind of Hippy are you? @->- (pics!)

Just Plain Hippy *^.^*GROOVY! You are the classic, archetypal hippy. You believe in peace, love, freedom and fighting the power. Go you! You are open-minded, open-hearted, gentle and free. You are probably living in a bit of a time warp in which it’s always 1969, Which is great, but this is the 21st century! There may be different issues to address that you are overlooking. You love all the old music, flower power and probably have a blacklight in your living room. You would be perfect company for the New Age Hippy, who might bring you up to date!
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