More Duke Lacrosse: Police Go Woops!

At what point does DA Mike Nifong, or a responsible judge, say, “umm, folks? This case is hosed.” (via WRAL)

A photo identification report released Friday could blow a hole in the prosecution’s case in the Duke lacrosse rape investigation. Defense attorneys question whether the police were biased in their presentation.

According to the identification report, the accuser picked the two players from a photo lineup on April 4, three weeks after the incident. WRAL has learned police only used mugshot pictures of the 46 players for the lineup.


Attorney Mark Edwards, who is not involved with the case, said that procedure is like leading the witness.


“I can’t believe they didn’t put in some other photos,” said Edwards. “She’s going to know that this is the group of people from which I’m to choose someone”


Edwards said it appears police went against standard operating procedures when it comes to photo lineups. Based on state guidelines, investigators should use a picture of the suspect and at least seven pictures of people who look like the suspect. (empasis mine)

I have never been one where people get off the rap on technicalities, but, seeing as how both of the accused Duke lacrosse players have alibis, and the accusers story, along with the other stripper’s story, being all over the place, this case really should be dismissed at this point.

Some laws are silly regarding supposed Rights of the Accused, some aren’t. This one seems to be in the realm of “not silly.” Of course, the whole case is based on “guilty until proven innocent.” It’s time to move on and end this witch hunt.

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