Daily Archives: April 12, 2006

Death Penalty Bad (?)

You know, because everyone on death row is a good person: A man who was sentenced to die, then freed after prosecutors at his murder trial were shown to have hidden exonerating evidence, was charged Wednesday with having sex with a underage girl who is now pregnant, authorities said. Alan Gell, 31, is charged with […]

Duke Lacrosse: Even More Hypocrisy

Interesting (from WRAL) Defense attorneys for Allegations that three Duke lacrosse athletes raped and beat an exotic dancer at a party last month were the focus of a public prayer service held on the university’s campus Wednesday afternoon. The interfaith vigil cames as the public watches and waits as Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong’s […]

WTW: Good Beaver Gone Bad

  Don’t wanna talk politics today, to nice out, so, from the very funny and prophetic Pat Godwin: I went to a place that served exotic dishes Like Elk and Wild Boar, I heard it was delicious But the one thing I ate made me sick, it’s so sad to see Good Beaver, gone bad […]

WTW: noroM’s Of The Week

I reckon this is just so wrong, they had to be liberals: WATERLOO, Iowa — — — — — Some people will do anything to get out of work. Police in Iowa have arrested two people accused of filing a fake obituary for teenager Dan “D.J.” Reddout with a newspaper to get off work for […]

WTW: All Clinton’s Fault

Morning, y’all, Jebediah here. Teach, in his OCBness yesterday, thought it was Wednesday. He needs a break, so I am taking him out to play some golf today. Make sure you validate his sense of OCBness with lots of comments today. Thank ya kindly. Anyhow, over at Hooah Wife and Friends, Elvis (yes, that boy […]

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