WTW: Good Beaver Gone Bad

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Don’t wanna talk politics today, to nice out, so, from the very funny and prophetic Pat Godwin:

I went to a place that served exotic dishes
Like Elk and Wild Boar, I heard it was delicious
But the one thing I ate made me sick, it’s so sad to see
Good Beaver, gone bad
Good Beaver, gone bad

It was tough and dry; I took a whiff and almost fainted
The pink had turned brown; it tasted kind of tainted
You take your chances eating out; I should’ve had the Trout,
Good Beaver, gone bad
Good Beaver, gone bad

You want it fresh, don’t let it spoil rotten
Or leave it hanging around, where it’s forgotten
Better eat it while it’s hot “cause it’s forgotten
Or good Beaver, goes bad

Her love has dried up; it once was so delicious
She’s cruel and cold now, vile and vicious
She was up to no good, while she gnawed on the wood
Good Beaver, gone bad
Good Beaver, good Beaver
Good Beaver, gone bad

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3 Responses to “WTW: Good Beaver Gone Bad”

  1. Nettie says:

    Heh heh, there a tune for that?

  2. William Teach says:

    Yup, an actual song, heard it on Bob and Tom. Which is worse then the lyrics

  3. […] On the heels of this post, as well as the Animal Conspiracy here, here, and here, we have more proof: Baltimore City Police responded to calls that a 30-pound beaver was in the middle of Mt. Royal Avenue near the University of Baltimore late Saturday night. Six officers came to the scene and cornered the critter in a tree and flower bed on the sidewalk. […]

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