Duke Lacrosse: Even More Hypocrisy

Interesting (from WRAL)

Defense attorneys for Allegations that three Duke lacrosse athletes raped and beat an exotic dancer at a party last month were the focus of a public prayer service held on the university’s campus Wednesday afternoon.

The interfaith vigil cames as the public watches and waits as Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong’s proceeds with the criminal investigation, despite DNA results that do not match evidence from the alleged victim.

From what I heard on local radio this afternoon (between golf and getting lit), there were more media at the event then the vigil holders. Funny how the same people who were supposedly clammoring for peace and healing, were pretty much the same folks who were calling for the lacrosse players heads on a platter, sans proof.

The same radio program on WPTF-680 was also discussing which was worse: rape or false accusations of rape. Well, I would have to say that rape would beat the false accusation. But, by how much? And, realistically, can you compare the two?

It is quite possible that the rape did occur. But, by who(m)? Consider if the accusations are false. If the players are innocent, what has happened is that 46 people have had their reputations besmirtched, which will follow them for a long time. Their pictures and lives have been splashed papers and TV nationwide. The players have been forced to hire legal representation, which can be costly. The coach has been forced to resign. The entire lacrosse program is in dissaray. Duke has been put under the microscope, as has the city of Furham. Allegations of racism have resurfaced, which helps no-one, but hurts alot of people in a town with alot of minorites, particularly Blacks.

If a rape happened, the person or persons need to go down, and down hard. But, remember the essence of the American legal system “innocent till proven guilty.”

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2 Responses to “Duke Lacrosse: Even More Hypocrisy”

  1. Scraprion says:

    Innocent until proven guilty or you are facing a left wing procutor up for reelection real soon. Then you are guilty no matter what the evidence or ‘who done it’ if anyone did it. Maybe there was a rape and maybe there is a scam going on. I’m now betting on the latter.

  2. William Teach says:

    I agree 100%

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