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Hey, I’m Famous!

Check it out here. Gee, ya think that someone could have done a slight bit of research on Al Gore’s Internet(s).

Mission Impossible III

I’m sure Ogre will love this 🙂 TOM Cruise has claimed he will eat the PLACENTA after fiancée Katie Holmes has their baby. The actor, 43 — who wants her to give birth in silence according to his Scientology cult rules — said: “I’m gonna eat the placenta, too. “I thought that would be good. […]

Bush Taps Portman As Budget Director. WTF?

Perhaps W has gone a bit too far this time. I know that he wants to be the President of all Americans, rather then just the leader of his Party, the way Slick was, but I find it highly idiotic that he is going to pander to Hollyweird by picking Natalie Portman as friggin’ Budget […]

Kosbats Bash Pelosi

“Hey, Nance, why don’t you come on over and post a few tidbits over at the Kos? It will be a hoot.” Via The Hill: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has taken some beatings recently in the liberal blogosphere. An online poll at the leading blog Daily Kos put her approval rating at 19 […]

Happy Birthday, Bikini! And Tuesday Linkfest

Looking pretty good for the big Six Oh. And without plastic surgery, like Jane Fonda! The must-have of every woman’s summer wardrobe has just turned 60 — and it has never looked so young and hip, or been as popular.It was not always so. Invented by French automotive engineer Louis Reard, the swimsuit that took […]

Duke Lacrosse: Two Arrests Made

Very early this AM, two players were arrested (via the Raleigh N&O) Duke University lacrosse players Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty were charged today with first degree forcible rape, first degree sexual offense and kidnapping in connection with a reported rape at a Duke University lacrosse party, according to George Naylor, director of the jail. […]

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