Kosbats Bash Pelosi

“Hey, Nance, why don’t you come on over and post a few tidbits over at the Kos? It will be a hoot.” Via The Hill:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) has taken some beatings recently in the liberal blogosphere.

An online poll at the leading blog Daily Kos put her approval rating at 19 percent. By comparison, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean garnered 84 percent.

When she posted to the blog last Wednesday, describing her resolution calling for ethics investigations, readers offered excoriating reviews: “She is out of touch and dragging down the party,” wrote one. “Pelosi has zero credibility with me,” averred another.

Can I just say Bwahahahahahahaha!

This takes the cake:

………On the one hand, the blogs offer an eager audience and echo chamber for Democratic messages, and a pool of potential volunteers and campaign contributions.

But on the other hand, blogs are impossible to control. They carry the potential of commentary turning nasty, as it did with Pelosi last week.

The stakes with blogs are a bit higher for Democrats than they are for Republicans. The liberal blogosphere is better developed than its conservative counterpart. Liberal blogs often provide volunteers or campaign contributions to campaigns. And liberal blogs offer an outlet for Democrats when the traditional media have until recently paid them little heed.

This is what we have been saying. The Left-O-Sphere is pretty much an echo chamber for the Party, which has become Moonbat Nation for the mainstream Dems. The normal folks are now the fringe. They serve to raise money and provide support. You do not see Right-O-Sphere blogs going out of their way to be fundraisers. We prefer to have the freedom to write what we will. How often do you see a Lefty blog bash someone on the Left? Never.

Otherwise, their major focus is on the Republicans, and Bush. There are no ideas or plans about how the Left can do better. There is little positive that they offer. You see alot of “when we regain (insert White House, Senate, and/or the House here) we will do better. How? What will you do?

The replies tend to go from “well, we aren’t in charge” to “what about Bush?” in tone, which still avoids the central issue of “what will the Dems do?”

Realistically, how often do you see them post something like my previous post, on the bikini? Or jokes? Funny non abusive pictures? Just have plain ‘ole fun?

On the bright side, if Kos is not supporting her, she should win reelection. Since he is batting .000 for all those he supports, nothing to worry about, Nance!

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2 Responses to “Kosbats Bash Pelosi”

  1. David M says:

    So, now Nancy Pelosi, the darling of the left a year ago, is now on the outs with the Kos kids? I suppose that means we’ll be seeing her in her seat for the forseeable future with their track record of 2-17, the Kossacks couldn’t pick a winner in a one man race, just look at their leading favorite Howard Dean, who couldn’t even win his parties nomination and was only offered Chairman as a concession.

    And they think we live in an alternate reality…well I have news for you Kossacks, we do, its called the real world, and you should try it some time.

  2. William Teach says:

    Otherwise known as Liberal World, where everything is dark and gloomy. Makes Mordor look like a dream vacation.

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