Playing The Devil On Illegal Immigration

Just for the sake of argument, lets say we (meaning the GOP) have some kind of amnesty program, perhaps where all illegals must register within six months, then have to go through all the rigamarole that the Senate Bill lays out. What do we end up with?

We end up with people who we can collect taxes, Social Security, Medicaid, etc, from. We end up with people who may be able to turn in those who are not good people, so we can deport them. And, we do end up with a block of voters in our corner.

One of the big meme’s is that these people are illegal, so they cannot vote. However, these people have children, many of whom are approaching voting age, who are legal US citizens, per the 14th Amendment.

There is no way we can find 11-12 million illegal aliens in the United States unless we become a police state (though, of course, some, OK, lots, on the Left, think we already are a police state. Just check Prison Planet!) Why not take all the money it would cost to try and catch and deport those who are good people, hard workers, and want a better life, who, yes, cut in the line and broke the law, and use it to build a proper fence, or provide for more border patrol guards and for people to administer the guest worker program. Supposedly, 1/3 of all illegals are those who have overstayed their visa’s.

Is it fair? No. But life is not fair, and sometimes you have to eat broccoli in order to get ice cream cake (if you like broccoli, you’re wierd. Shaddup! :)) Sometimes you have to compromise. In this case, “amnesty” in order to lock the borders down.

Again, devil’s advocate.

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