Liberal World Meets Iran

While I was in the Fever Swamp (as Captain Ed calls it) looking at what the DUmmies were saying about Mary McCarthy, I ran across this one on Iran, which runs the whole gammut of Defeatocratic gabfest. We have WAB! (what about Bush), some conspiracy and paranoia, Israeli hatred and those Evil Jews!, denial, Iranian apologists, and, of course, anti-American sentiment.

  • I hate to say it, but I’m enjoying the fact that there are a few out there not afraid to say, “na na nana naaaa” to the pushy folks in the west. From everything I read we, the US of A, are defying the IAEA and non-proliferation treaty in more ways and more times than Iran, and no one is sanctioning us. (this one was way down the list, but why not start with the hate America one first)
  • Can’t really blame them Iran has been adhering to the treaty and has had to endure lies from the Bush administration.The ironic part of all this is that the U.S. is a signatory to the treaty and hasn’t adhered to it in years. (that’s not ironic, if you have ever read the Non Proliferation Treaty)
  •  What the UN does this summer  does not matter. What matters is what Bush plans to do this autumn. That’s my take. Now we wait and see who has got it right. Deal? (WAB)
  •  First of all, if they’re trying to start a nuclear holy war  They’re taking their sweet time about it. After all, at the rate that they’re enriching uranium, it’s going to take a decade or more to get a nuclear bomb.And while I agree that their current leader is pretty wack, guess why he got put in charge. “Axis of Evil” Yep, those three words riled up the Iranian people up so much that they installed a hard core nationalist. Sad really, because before Bush labeled Iran as evil, they were actually starting to moderate many of their positions, and working with the US. But people tend to get a bit touchy about such things when they’re threatened by a much larger power, especially after said power lands and keeps troops on each and every border.

    And the only country that I’ve seen throwing around the possibility of using nukes in the next few years is the US. Perhaps we should have sanctions imposed on us? (WAB, Iranian apolgist, and Hate America)

  •  Nope…can’t blame them  While his comments on Israel are distasteful, the point that is usually not made clear to us, but to the Middle East, is that if Iran’s potential nuclear program is ON THE TABLE, when why not Israel?Not to defend this jerk, but in all honesty, if Israel is NOT called to a table to reveal, inspect and certify it’s nuclear facilities, then what kind of ‘country’ do you call Israel, if it has a privileged status not recognized by anyone else? Protectorate? City-State? Social Experiment? It doesn’t really act like a country…so (those Evil Jews. “Not to defend this jerk” is exactly what happened.)
  •  no, actually…  the only person who is going to spark a war in this whole fiasco is the Loser in Chief that sits in the White House. (WAB)
  •  Are we sure this dude isn’t some Manchurian candidate working for *  It seems like he’s working awfully hard to make himself look bad. Daring the U.N., essentially, to sanction him. Declaring that another sovereign nation, near and dear to many in the West, should be “wiped off the map.” I thought it was strange when they elected him over the more reasonable, and moderate guy, considering that Iran had a large, young, and growingly progressive population who wasn’t too happy with their repression in the days before the election.Maybe I just need to put down the espresso. (yes, that would be a great idea, along with a trip to a mental health professional)

Enough fever. However, it is only fair that I give a few props to some DUmmies:

  • Maybe if we had bombed the shit out of Iran in the 70’s  and actually became energy self sufficient things would be different. Sorry but this war needs to happen. Sooner than later.Face it in a few years Hillary will be in office and Iran will still be run by a bunch of fundie lunatics. Will you still enjoy the fact Iran is “sticking up to us”?
  • Comment was addressed to clergy  Bush is obviously a lying sack of shit.Even though he is a lying sack of shit I will not ignore one country threatening the existence of another. (as in Iran’s vocalized threat against Israel)
  •  Wow, great post! Can’t blame Iran!!!  I’m being sarcastic. Actually I CAN blame Iran, they are complete wack job morans who are trying to start a nuclear holy war. Guess what, when the whole world is basically agreeing with the US stance on Iran, maybe they aren’t really “lies from the Bush administration.” They might be facts.

I’m surprised that they were not tombstoned for going against the Defeatocratic talking points.

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