CIA Leaker Story: What Happened?

Like many, I have pretty much missed the whole CIA leaker story. The Duke Lacrosse story, as well as Real Life and the Stanley Cup Playoffs, has limited my exposure. However, Hot Air has a primer on the whole  thing (hat tip to Beth)

This is one of those stories where, if you miss the first 48 hours, you end up feeling so far behind the curve that you tune it out and never bother with it again. So here’s a round-up of news and blog coverage which, while longish, will bring you up to speed. As of this writing, McCarthy “categorically denies” being the leaker, according to former counterterrorism official/Kerry campaign staffer Rand Beers. So the jury’s still out – although government sources are telling Newsweek to fret not, for the leaker is most definitely she.

Good story, read the whole thing.

The one thing Allahpundit did not do was delve in to the Fever Swamps. That’s not a dig: he obviously has more sense then I do;

  •  …..The firing of Mary McCarthy and her trial in the media is a travesty. Particularly when George Bush continues to harbor leakers who put selfish political motives above the welfare of this nation. It remains to be seen if Mary McCarthy had anything to do with the leak of secret prisons. There is no doubt, however, that Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, Stephen Hadley, Dick Cheney, and George Bush directly participated in a campaign to leak misleading intelligence information to the American people. Patrick Fitzgerald’s court filings make that point abundantly clear. Under George Bush, America is being asked to tolerate Gulag Politics. That is something I find intolerable and unconscionable. (gee, I thought the story was about Mary McCarthy. Cannot avoid the What About Bush, can they?)
  • Maybe the bush administration is trying to hide something even more inflammatory than the information that there are prison camps. Perhaps it’s worth it to them to fire this agent in such a public manner, sending a message to any other potential leakers at the CIA here and abroad, even at the price of lending credibility to the story about the camps. (Tin Foil stock just went up)
    If this is the case, what they are trying to hide must be pretty bad.
  • Exactly. She should be given a hero’s ticker tape parade complete with  the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Medal of Freedom!And the whore media should be clamoring for bunkerboy and the REPUKE Congress’s heads for TRYING TO COVER UP WAR CRIMES & LYING ABOUT THEM!

    This whole sordid mess reeks! (Prozac, anyone?)

  • Was her #1 crime the level of donations to Kerry?  I’ll bet Karl Rove has used that NSA asset to determine the names of all government employees who have donated to Democrats. (no, her crime was leaking classified information, which would be *gasp* against alot of laws. Nimrod)
  • Goss and Negroponte are systematically “cleansing” the Intell community  any patriot loyal to the American people.Their loyalty lies only to the corrupt republican party, and they will purge anyone that is not a dedicated fascist.

    Eventually they will use the Intell community to purge our country of “liberals” just like the centralized police organizations of Hitler and Stalin did in Germany and the former USSR respectively. (fever. I got the fever!)

Enough. None of the DUmmies even took a shot at defending her actions, just put the blame on Bush/Rove/anyone but McCarthy. Much like when people got tagged for leaking information to the Soviet Union (ie, treason.)

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