Illegal Immigration Today: 1150, Gangs, And Lack Of Data

They are having fun in the free-wheeling, party on the beach (oops, sorry, climate change has stopped those) State of California

In the biggest action of its kind, federal immigration agents have arrested more than 1,150 people statewide in raids targeting illegal immigrants who ignored deportation orders.

Buh bye. You know there were some whiners, though, right?

But Danny Morales, an activist with the Riverside-based National Alliance for Human Rights, which supports the legalization of millions of illegal immigrants, called the arrests “deplorable.”

“It’s so inhumane that they’re doing this,” he said. “Many of them have families and young children here, and many of those people are U.S. citizens.”

God forbid a country founded on the rule of law should follow the law. Guess what, Danny? The illegals can take their kids with them back to the old country. Besides, where are the complaints when mom or dad are sent to the pokey for breaking and entering, being separated from their kids?

A new Center for Immigration Studies Backgrounder finds that immigration law enforcement has been highly effective in fighting gang activity around the country. Local law enforcement agencies that shun involvement with immigration law enforcement are missing an opportunity to protect their communities, according to the authors. Since 2005, ICE has arrested more than 8,000 immigrant gangsters from more than 700 different gangs under an initiative known as Operation Community Shield.

That sounds like pretty good news, eh, Danny? But, I bet you are upset that these gang bangers, killers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, etc, will be separated from their families and kids.

You’ve heard it from pundits and read it online: Illegal immigrants are clogging our legal system. They may come with the dreams of work and a better life, but they bring increased crime and strife.

But it’s anyone’s guess how many illegal immigrants enter the justice system, and how much it costs taxpayers. Neither the state nor the federal courts formally keep track.

“The data (are) terrible, and lead to entirely different conclusions,” said Steven Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports tighter immigration controls. “No one has made it a priority. No one has ever wanted to know.”

Super. And Democrats want the same governments to be in charge of health care for all.

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