How’s ACORN Doing In Pa.?

It’s business as usual

Delaware County (Pa.) authorities yesterday arrested a former employee of the activist group ACORN on felony theft and forgery charges for allegedly submitting dozens of phony voter-registration applications.

Jemar Barksdale, 34, of Chester, while employed by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, submitted 18 fraudulent forms using the names of existing voters, and 22 other applications in which the information was “completely fictitious,” according to District Attorney G. Michael Green.

County detectives interviewed the 18 voters starting in late July. Six are elderly and one attends Don Guanella School, a facility for mentally disabled men.

“Each of the purported applicants, upon interview, stated that the signature appearing on the application in his or her name was not, in fact, the signature of that person,” Green said.

During the UN Oil For Food Scandal, Kofi Annon stated that there was only a 10% problem with the UN, the rest of the UN being on the side of good. Even if that describes ACORN, well, gee, if you were breaking the law 10% of the time, but a super great person who brings meals to the homeless and seniors, you would still end up behind bars.

Anyhow, check the rest of the story. Some goodies in it, including who this guy’s brother is.

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2 Responses to “How’s ACORN Doing In Pa.?”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    His arrest will have no effect. He has already voted 50+ times for the ‘chosen one’.

    I’m still puzzled. How can a person support Hussein O then go to church on Sunday and pretend to be a christian? I can’t find permission anywhere in the bible to murder unborn babies and for sure it’s not in there that it’s ok to actually murder a baby after it’s born. Must be why I’m still a christian but refuse to attend church, too many hypocrites in attendance, and preaching from the pulpit.

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