LA Times Does Hatchet Job On Fort Dix 6 Informants

You have to wonder what bearing this has on the case itself. Is the LA Times trying to create sympathy for the Fort Dix 6 over the scumbag status of 2 FBI informants?

One is a bankrupt convicted felon who spewed venomous hatred about the United States, hooked up an alleged terrorist cell with semiautomatic weapons and drove the surveillance car as they cased military bases. The other boasted of killing someone back home in Albania and vowed to kill others or blow himself up in a crowd of people now that he was in the United States.

But Mahmoud Omar and Besnik Bakalli aren’t members of the so-called “Ft. Dix Six,” five of whom go on trial Monday for allegedly conspiring to gun down military personnel at the sprawling South Jersey base in a jihad-inspired attack last year. They’re the FBI informants who are instrumental to the government’s case against the group.

Information surfacing about the two men on the eve of one of the most high-profile U.S.-based terrorism trials since Sept. 11 all but guarantees that they will be put in the hot seat nearly as much as the defendants, along with their FBI handlers.

The first eight paragraphs discuss the scumbag status of these two men, which I whole-heartedly agree with. But, to what point? Adding detail to the story? Spreading doubt about the case? What? Money quotes

The government’s case does not rely solely on informants. In hundreds of hours of tapes, the defendants allegedly discuss attacking Ft. Dix, other military bases, the White House and civilian targets such as the Philadelphia airport.

“You have to remember that this is a tape case, so it doesn’t matter if he’s a liar or a scumbag,” the (Justice Dept.) official said in reference to the informants. “We’ll just put in the tapes and play it for them.”

The majority of the story has the two informants, no little darlings, of course, being JTP’d (Joe The Plummer’d). Of course, Joe seems to be a good guy, but, it is pretty much the same thing. Tear down the informants, investigate the hell out of them, try to defend the defendents.

On the bright side, if Obama wins, we won’t have to see any stories about Islamist jihadi’s being caught anymore.

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